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We have introduced SONWVAN, Snowflake Ice Machine to the North and South American market, as a sole distributor overseas. Snowvan, global premium snowflake Ice Machine, makes snowflake with any liquid within seconds to serve a refreshing dessert or drink. With Snowvan, we are pleased to contribute lead a new trend in beverage and dessert, as well as present Bingsu, fresh and healthy Korean dessert to the worldwide stage.

How to use Snowvan, Snowflake Ice Machine

A premium shaved ice maker by SNOWVAN, boasting superior quality and durability to similarly-priced competitors

Extra Frosty, Refreshing Beer

My Story with Snowvan

Snowvan Technology

Why Choose SNOWVAN

ETL Certification

Our bingsu machines are built to the highest standards of quality and safety, having received multiple certifications:


Verified by Intertek to comply with North American safety standards, offering a trusted alternative to UL and CSA.

Safety Certification

Many other companies sell products with no safety certification. Purchasing such products is risky as it violates commercial regulations.


Some companies exaggerate the output capacity of their products. Please test and verify the output for yourself.

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